UMP Service Pistol
Karen (Gun)
Karen wielding the pistol
Weapon type Energy Pistol
Country of Origin United States
Fire type(s) Semi-Automatic
Appearance(s) Other Space
User(s) U.M.P

The UMP Service Pistol is a compact energy-based sidearm seen in Other Space. It is the standard issued sidearm used by members of a crew aboard exploration ships, such as aboard the UMP Crusier.


Karen (Shooting)

The service pistol is designed to be as compact as possible and shoots powerful energy based projectiles at anything or anyone. They seem to run on some form of power, however it is not specified on what type. The weapon's projectiles were at first blue, however others were capable of shooting green. It is uncertain if the weapons are given select-fire switches or if they use different forms of energy. They seem to have a small monitor built on the back looking towards the shooter, which is possibly both a targeting system and ammunition indicator.

Other SpaceEdit

Season 1Edit

The service pistol isn't seen until episode 2, where the crew decide to play a game of Mafia. It's then that Karen Lipinski suspects that a member of the crew is an alien intruder, causing everyone to grab a gun and point them at each other. For the most part, the one who mostly carries the weapon aboard the Cruiser is Karen due to her over readiness. She even sleeps with the weapon in case the ship comes under attack.


  • The Service Pistol prop is most likely based off an infared digital thermometer non-gun. It is also a possibility that they are also based off of the Type 2 hand phaser seen in Star Trek as well as the blasters seen in Star Wars.
  • The energy projectiles are also somewhat of a reference to Star Wars due to the weapon shooting two of the most commonly used lightsaber colors, green and blue.